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2015 Whitecourt Samboree

 This year’s Good Sam Samboree a success in Whitecourt

By Laura Bohnert

This year, Whitecourt played host to the Alberta Good Sam Samboree which took place from June 17 to 22 at the Westward Community Centre.

The Good Sam RV Club is an organization for those who are interested in the RV lifestyle and camping together. The organization is composed of 20 active chapters, one of which includes the Whitecourt Wanderers (Whitecourt’s Good Sam chapter).

The Provincial Samboree is the largest Good Sam event. It is held in various locations across Alberta on the third week of each June and aims to bring chapter members together for camaraderie, jam sessions, pet parades, banquets, breakfasts, entertainment, and more.

Each year, Alberta Good Sam hosts three events: the Provincial Spring Meeting which takes place in April; the Provincial Samboree which took place in Whitecourt this June; and the Provincial Fall Meeting and Mini Samboree in Paul.

This year’s event featured 160 units with more than 300 people from as far as B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The Samboree featured banquets, entertainment and games, described Darlene Soper, a member of the Whitecourt Wanderers. “There was a color parade in the hall, stated Soper.

“Each Good Sam chapter has a flag and different colored vests,” Soper explained, so they all participated in a color parade.

“There were the dignitaries in attendance,” described Soper, “along with the Cadets and even a bagpiper.”

Relay for Life held a lunch fundraiser during the event and Outback Rentals and Steve’s Hotshot hosted a free breakfast. Instead of charging for the breakfast, generous food bank and cash donations were accepted.

“A half ton load of food was collected for the food  bank, described Soper, along with $360 in cash donations.”

“There was a lot going on at the event, stated Soper, and the Town and County totally came through with gifts and support.” There were six door prizes donated with values of more than $60.

The event featured tours through the Chamber of Commerce as well as to ANC and the Millar Pulp Mill, “and we were sending people all over town, either to check out our Home Hardware or to try our Mountain Pizza and Steak House. “Eagle River Casino even sent out a bus,” described Soper.

“The Samboree is held once a year in Alberta,” explained Soper. “It is a pretty big event, but it’s also really good for the town. The Samboree brings a ton of new people into Whitecourt so they can explore, shop, and spend money. It really helps to support the town.

For more information about Good Sam, upcoming Good Sam events, or the next Good Sam Samboree, visit rvalberta.ca.